Jukie Davie reads my Christmas book & it's hilarious

Christmas is coming! And, my new book for kids ages 4-10, would make a great gift for your kids or grandkids! There's true love, nutcrackers, ballerinas, a cute-as-a-bug basset hound dog and the grandmother who loves her Christmas ornaments. Available online at many fine retailers: https://www.achristmaslovestory.com/buy-here-stores. Also, check out some of the Xmas swag available on the shop button: https://www.achristmaslovestory.com/shop

Before you buy the book, please enjoy Jukie Davie of “Time to Tell a Tale” read and act out the book! I laughed all the way through the 18-minute video. Well, maybe I'm a little prejudice, but Jukie is a talent like a Lucille Ball from yesteryear. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading the book as much as the little movie!

Jukie has the same enthusiasm for all the books she reads, so do subscribe to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GKjsdJimUr5RevljTofrg

Happy holidays are coming our way! Don't miss out on a fun, happy story to share with your young loved ones!

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