"How a Gratitude Journal Can Make Your Child Happier" by Jodie Rodriguez, Scholastic.com

It's a healthy habit — and also encourages writing skills."

Every day we are all bombarded with bad news. Children can significantly benefit from this journal-writing exercise that can help them focus on what is good and what is wonderful in their everyday lives. This habit could be beneficial for an entire lifetime.

Writing in a journal helps focus one's thoughts. And, who among us, children or adults, doesn't need to focus their minds on the amazing everyday things that are good around us? We can all benefit from an attitude of gratitude!

Please enjoy Jodie Rodriguez's excellent article on the how and why of having your child start a "gratitude journal." https://www.scholastic.com/parents/books-and-reading/raise-a-reader-blog/gratitude-journal-for-kids.html

Also, check out Jodie's excellent website to develop young readers:

For more information on Jodie, check out her website: https://growingbookbybook.com/ which is full of wonderful information on how to nurture young readers in your life!