2020 is almost a W-R-A-P with Author Interview

As the unusual year 2020 wraps up, here is an interview with https://allauthor.com/interview/maureenmccabe/ about my inspiration for my children's story. The book project has definitely kept me busy this year...and that's been a good thing. It was a happy, fun project for me. Thank goodness Rich supports my every endeavor - what a great husband! Mostly the interview is about how watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies made me write a book. So, beware! A friend wrote a sweet note recently saying that she and her daughter were a little jealous they hadn't written/published a book yet. But, unless you are a one-in-a-million writing talent, there are many other ways to spend a lot of money... Travel the globe [when the pandemic is over]? Redecorate the house? Buy an RV? Buy a lottery ticket...it's way cheaper.

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