A Christmas Love Story:

Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina

The story of two single Christmas ornaments, Nicholas Nutcracker, a retired toy-soldier from a small village in Germany, and Brittany Ballerina, a renowned prima ballerina with "The Christmas Ornament Ballet" are both in search of their true love. "I will find my true love with 'word-of-mouth marketing!'" exclaims Nicholas determined to find his true love this Christmas.  


Or, maybe they will meet at the annual "Meet and Mingle of the Christmas Ornaments?" With the accidental help of the family's adorable basset hound, Bellamy, with the oh-so-long ears, Brittany tumbles off the tree; but, when she is repositioned, it is near Nicholas.  She thinks to herself, "What a brave toy soldier with so much character." Then, it happens – it’s love at first sight! 


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Judith Reveal


Anastasiia Khmelevska


Lauren Gallegos

Graphic Design

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